Pilgrim Way Construction

Many folks desire to help the poor while at the same time needing a new roof on their home, or their fence has fallen over, the seals in their windows are bad, tile needs re-grouted, they need a shed or barn to store more stuff and to do both would place them in uncertain and uncomfortable circumstances. So, one of the ways we RAISE FUNDS to help the poor is working on people's homes. This is a blessing for everyone. We call this Pilgrim Way Construction. Pilgrim Way Construction is NOT the name of our business, it is what we do. The incorporators of The Blessing of Water and members of the board work with their hands doing construction and sew modest garments and other useful things to RAISE FUNDS. Now some may expect the price of their labors to be higher since it is going towards charitable causes. But this is not the case. We have found that our services are below the local going rate. Our clients often become our friends. We have done work for folks in Oklahoma, Oregon, Idaho, Georgia, and Mississippi. We travel with tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear and stay where invited or seems peaceful.

If you are interested in helping us RAISE FUNDS in this way you may contact:
David Valderrama: 918.886.7100
Ryan Luedeker:  918.428.8100

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