Friday, November 16, 2018

Bolivian Wells Were Not Dry!

We recently returned to the States from Bolivia 10/28/2018. We visited to check on the four water wells we drilled for the Tsimenes in the Madidi jungle last summer as the tenth month of the year is the end of the dry season and the wells were not dry and functional! We were also able to spend a day with a well driller from Santa Cruz who has been drilling wells for fifteen years and was able to glean from his experience.

Wells are probably the better option for clean and safe drinking water where we have focused our time and resources. However, another great way to provide clean and biologically safe drinking water for the poor in developing countries is through supplying Sawyer Filters and teaching the locals how to use, clean and maintain them.

We are still doing construction work currently to provide for our necessities. However, we are hoping to purchase a drilling rig in Santa Cruz, Bolivia before next summer to drill the wells there from now on. Also, we are seriously considering visiting some families in India early next year. We hope to establish solid long term relationships who could help coordinate future water projects and other needs that need to be met. After we finish these few construction jobs were having, we plan to focus on The Blessing of Water Inc developments such as: creating a documentary of our work and missions, designing some brochures and engaging in some fundraisers, one being to sell the handcrafted items made in Bolivia that we purchased in La Paz last month.

Many have already voiced interest in the items so these products may go fast. If any are interested in donating to our organization you may click on the following link.

We are a 501 c3 nonprofit organization and none of the officers or directors have been compensated or paid one penny for their work. Travel, food and lodging expenses pertaining to the water projects have been supplied by the organization. Thanks to all for the participation we have experienced:

Another way to support the cause is by sharing our posts on Facebook, sharing our website, liking our Facebook page, telling all your friends and family, and by ordering through Amazon. They have a program called "Amazon Smile". Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to The Blessing of Water Inc when you shop at if you select us as your desired Charity. (You can select a different charitable organization after signing in.) This way you can help us help the poor when you make purchases on Amazon that you would normally make by choosing our non-profit. Click the link below to choose The Blessing of Water Inc to be your Amazon Smile non-profit:

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