Thursday, September 6, 2018

Romanian House for Orphans

Praise the Lord! After returning from Bolivia last July we visited a brother for a couple of weeks to help him with his business. Then we traveled to our home base located in Tulsa, Oklahoma to stay for a couple of evenings before leaving for Los Angeles, California to encourage a dear brother for a weekend, then returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma where we worked seven days week for about five weeks so we could leave to do more charitable work. 

We flew from the New York city airport to Copenhagen, Denmark, then from there to Budapest, Hungary and are now traveling by van to Romania. There is a family we have come in contact with who left the States a few years ago and moved to Romania and has adopted a few orphans with severe medical needs. They desire to adopt more such orphans but the government has certain rules which require a certain amount of living space per adopted orphan. So the family has architectural drawings which we intend to use to frame them a house so they can legally adopt more orphans. We have arrangements to be in Romania for about 30 days and plan to build the house with a circular saw, hammer, and nails. This trip was funded by a donor who believes in their mission. We only have about one third of the lumber. If we do not receive the lumber to finish building the house before leaving we may build them a septic tank. The Blessing of Water Inc is volunteering their time. Most expenses have been paid for.

After we return to the States from Romania we plan to drive to Miami, Florida from the New York airport to return to Bolivia. By this time the end of dry season should be approaching and we plan to make sure that the four water wells we drilled last summer for the Tsimenes in the Madidi jungle are not dry and still functional. We also plan to check on a fence project which was funded for a poor family who has tried to grow their food but which wild animals have destroyed because there was no fence keeping them out. Furthermore, there are other poor tribes in Bolivia that our contact plans to take us to visit that we may establish relationships, document their needs, and plan potential water projects. We plan to be in Bolivia for two weeks. 

Next we are hoping to travel to northern Michigan to help a sister who's husband divorced her and who is trying to set up a homestead to raise her children. She is remaining faithful to her marriage covenant. She has been alone for a few years. She does not have much support there. She purchased some property with a little inheritance she received and a trailer home but the exterior of the trailer home is unfinished. If we can make it there before winter sets in we plan to install the sheathing, moisture wrap, and siding to finish the exterior. Thankfully there are a couple of other brothers from other states interested in helping us with this project. 

In Tulsa, Oklahoma we have several customers who will have waited for us to complete these missions so we could do some work for them for personal income. One wants us to finish out their basement, another desires a covered back porch patio with a vaulted ceiling with a hipped roof which matches the rest of the house, another needs a metal roof and several windows replaced, another wants us to build them a home and there is more. Thankfully our customers want us to do the work! They trust us, believe in our mission, and consider our work to be good quality. Therefore, they are willing to wait between missions for us to do the work. 

During our personal income work we have plans to visit India and Africa to confirm and establish relationships and to document needs for potential water projects. We hope to do this between jobs this winter. 

It is a blessing to labor for what is eternal as our Lord commanded His disciples (John 6:29). We have experienced an increased joy and strength amidst all of our trials and work! Our first love is kindled bright! We are at peace working seven days a week when necessary because we believe that against such work (charity) there is no law. Time is short! The need is great! The laborers are few! May the Lord stir all of our hearts to a deeper devotion, clearer understanding, and an increased vision for His holy will and everlasting kingdom! 

We have been blessed and encouraged by all the financial support that keeps coming in, for all of the prayers and those who have taken interest and time to leave us encouraging messages. Please pray for our thoughts to be guided by the Spirit of God as we travel and labor; that the unity of the Spirit would be kept in the bond of peace; that we would have favor with authorities and customs agents; that we would be sensitive to the spiritual needs of those around us. God will not forget labors of love! Teamwork makes His dream work! Images of the Romania house for orphans are below.

Grace and peace be multiplied unto all!
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