Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Bolivian Well Projects 2018

Greetings friends and supporters: peace be with you all!

We drilled four wells in the Madidi jungle for the Tsimemes. They were very thankful. We have uploaded photos and a few short videos on to two Facebook accounts (David Valderrama & Tsipporah Valderrama). We are currently working with our hands helping a brother get his business caught up so he can spend time with his family so we have not returned to our home-base in Oklahoma where we could work on The Blessing of Water Inc Bolivia trip documentary. We have also been asked to frame the building for an orphanage in Romania, put the roof on and to close it in. If all things are ready there we plan to go do it. This will further prolong our documentary for the Bolivian wells. Our flights and other accommodations would be supplied if we decided to build the orphanage in Romania. They only need skilled laborers and that is the kind of work that the directors of The Blessing of Water Inc do when not working with the poor and to raise support.

As of yet, we have not needed to compensate ourselves for the charitable work we have provided. For our personal expenses, we have worked with our hands and have paid i.e. house payment, water bill, the electric bill, gas bill, insurances, phones, a land payment, etc. Howbeit, The Blessing of Water Inc team collectively only needs about $1,100 total each month for such expenses. This is because we have learned how to live simply. All donations have gone towards causes specifically related to the charitable work. Howbeit, if we do begin to receive more donations and are able to meet more needs of the poor we may need compensation to continue our monthly payments because our time would be consumed with charitable work all of the time and not carpentry for personal business. Many charitable organizations pay tens of thousands of dollars to various single directors and so forth. Some directors receive $50,000 to millions of dollars annually. We have no worldly ambitions or care so we do not need such salaries.

For all of The Blessing of Water's most basic needs to be met annually (six directors/officers) would only be under $21,000 annually which also supports relatives living with us. We have been doing carpentry/construction to meet these needs and to help fund the charitable work ourselves. Either way, we are glad that we are able to do what we are doing, whether doing carpentry to provide for our basic needs and of the poor or if we could do more charitable work full time, either way, we are serving the poor. All of this I have mentioned because "Charities" kind of have a bad reputation for being frauds, selfish, and hypocritical. Everything we possess we are using for the cause of Christ and for charitable work. For example: in order to have a 501 c3 non-profit organization you need to have an address registered with the state where you incorporated. A P.O. BOX will not suffice. The construction tools we have we use to provide for our basic needs and those of the poor.

Folks have been contacting us with needs for clean and safe drinking water from all over the world. If it is in your heart to contribute financially: those drinking the clean and safe water would greatly appreciate it. You can donate using this link:  DONATE

At the end of the fiscal year, we will need to file a 990 with the IRS. You can look up any non-profit organization's 990 and see where their money went, the salaries that are paid out and so forth. I encourage you to look up your favorite non-profit organization's 990 tax form and see what kind of salaries and benefits were paid out to the officers and directors of the organization. Hopefully, our form will be posted after the fiscal year is completed and the IRS approves it.

I hope to create a post where there will be more information, photos, videos, and the documentary. This post was mostly completed using a cell phone. Thank you for your patience, prayers, and care for the poor.

Here are a few links to some videos:

I partly recorded a motorcycle ride from Ixiamas to the Tsimene village to help communicate the circumstances in which we needed to travel:  Motorcycle Ride

This is where we crossed literally through the river on the way towards the Tsimene village. We hired a man who owned a skidder to pull the tractor, wagon, and equipment to the other side. The timing on this was crucial as we could not have accomplished this if the river was much higher: Crossing the River

We drilled to the fine sand (about 75 feet), cleaned out the hole using pressurized water, and began to insert the 4-inch PVC casing into the hole. The pump with smaller pipes goes inside of this casing:  Inserting the Casing into the Drilled Hole  another related video:  Further Explanation

Another Link:  Beginning the Second Well

We had to fetch water from ponds and swamps to feed the gas powered pump which pressurized the water, feeding it into the metal pipe which had the auger at the end. The water would spray out from the tip of the auger and the clay, sand, and dirt would rise to the surface of the hole where it could be cleaned away. Ryan Explaining

Ryan is explaining:  Installing the Pump at Well Number One

Braden is explaining some of the procedure: Changing out the Water

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