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Bolivia Well Projects Financial Report 2018


Four wells completed, improved another well, and gave other needful and useful items to the Tsimenes who live in the Madidi Jungle.

§ Project Expenses: Money directly used for well material, hired workers to help with well labor and set-up, drilling rig and equipment, etc. $6,139.86

§ Travel Expenses: Plane tickets (to Bolivia and within Bolivia for four officers and one director which we all worked on the projects), gas, taxis (in Bolivia), river crossings (in Bolivia), and tolls. $4,599.13

§ Lodging Expenses from 05/27/2018 to 06/28/2018: Rooms to, in, and from Bolivia over the period of thirty three days. $876.51

§ Food/Needs Expenses: Food, water, medicine, toilet paper, batteries, cell phone data, etc. $821.12

§ Service Expenses: Parking garage for the van, ATM fees (money donated while we were in Bolivia could only be withdrawn in small amounts from the ATM which we traveled about three hours to use in Rurrenabaque. There were several small fees which totaled nearly $70), travel agent fees, Western Union transfer fees, local guide and assistance fees, laundry, and currency exchange fees. $778.92

§ Miscellaneous Expenses: Cheap tents to camp with in the jungle, sleeping pads, cheap rubber work boots, sun hats, cell phone, money given to the poor locals, cooking utensils, machetes, water bottles, etc. (a lot of this stuff we gave to the Tsimenes where we drilled the wells and they were VERY THANKFUL i.e. tents, utensils, etc.) $645.16

The total amount of expenses used from The Blessing of Water Inc business account for the 2018 Bolivian well projects: $13,860.70

The above total does not include $1,716.98 that we used on our personal credit card. We also donated some personal funds included in the $13,860.70. We are not reimbursing ourselves for the credit card amount, nor is anyone currently compensated for their work. We are happy to serve for free. However, if we were occupied drilling wells and ministering to the poor full-time we would need a little compensation: currently, all of the officers and directors live together on 2 ½ acres with a few others. We all have been living off of less than $21,000 each year. We have been working with our hands to provide for our needs and the needs of others.


The IRS requires every 501 c3 nonprofit organization to file an annual 990 tax return. This return is in the public domain so that donors may learn how their contributions are really being used. We encourage everyone to do their research. Look up your favorite charity. Some claim that 100% of your donations are used only for the projects. I have researched this and found this to be untrue. I have researched many noteworthy and “trustworthy” organizations that are doing a great work but are not totally transparent. In the 990 IRS tax form you can easily learn how much the CEO and other officers and directors are allowing themselves to be compensated for their labor (salaries) and how many hours they work each week for the organization. You can also learn if they pay themselves bonuses and other rewards. You will be surprised. We were. The lowest salary I have seen is about $50,000 each year for one officer . . . the highest is nearly $1,000,000 each year for one officer! At first I tried to give the CEO the benefit of the doubt by thinking, “Surely they give back to the organization”. But that would not make any sense as every officer has to pay taxes on what they receive for their salaries. That being said, we are sincerely hoping to earn the trust of supporters by being very transparent and encouraging all to do their research. Since we are a newly formed (2018) 501 c3 nonprofit, we have no 990 tax form as of yet.


The IRS does not require nonprofits to reveal their personal income or expenses unaffiliated with the nonprofit. But we think it would be encouraging to others. Where does the money go that we personally earn doing construction? This money we earn is not affiliated with The Blessing of Water Inc. This is our personal work/business and we use the money we earn from this personal work to provide for eight persons in the following way (estimated costs):

Monthly property 2 1/2 acres and house payment: $400.

Monthly van Payment: $200.

Monthly cell phone and internet: About $300.

Monthly electric bill: $200.

Monthly water bill: $75.

Monthly cars and home insurance average: $158.33.

Gasoline: $225

Monthly Christian healthcare payment: $45.00

Monthly food and hygiene: $60.00 (we recycle most of our food and hygiene products therefore this total is only estimated at $60 per month for 8 people)

Monthly garbage: $24

Property tax: $29.16 (Annually about $350 taxes on 2 ½ acres and one home)

Now all of the above is necessary for The Blessing of Water Inc to continue, for example: You cannot have a nonprofit organization without a physical address. We cannot make posts without any internet. We cannot make the necessary calls for our work without phones, or send emails and do easy research without service or internet. If we were citizens of a developing nation and based there our cost of living would decrease exponentially. But for a few small families living together in the U.S. we are doing what we can to minimize personal costs to maximize our giving.

Total of personal expenses which we pay for using money we personally earn doing construction work NOT associated with The Blessing of Water Inc: $1,716.49 monthly; this would be $20,597.88 annually. Now only four of the eight persons living here are officers of the organization. Collectively, even if we were receiving $500,000 each year in donations and worked full-time ministering to the poor, our personal expenses would not change and all that we would need for personal expenses is the above total $20,597.88, providing all prices of things continue as they are and no emergencies, etc. arise. That is less than half of what the least paid single officer of a nonprofit organization which has the most modest salaries that I found online in the 990 tax forms receive annually. I am not trying to condemn a modest salary but we have learned a few things about living simply, that others may simply live.

You may be asking yourself: Is all of this personal information about the officers of The Blessing of Water Inc necessary? For some no; others possibly; still others, yes. We (as well as so many we have met) have heard of so many crooked and dishonest charities, officers of the organizations crying on television because children are starving or need clean water while they wear gold and live in luxury homes or even have multiple homes. Charities have lost their credibility! Folks have seen the hypocrisy and desire to give but do not want to support hypocrites. Many officers of nonprofit organizations have multiple homes or have a nice home for one single family: there are a few small families living on our property in one home. Many officers go out for fine dining with salaries they receive for their “charitable” services: we primarily recycle food from the metal bins behind grocery stores. Many officers of nonprofits have no convictions forbidding them to use money they receive from the nonprofit organization for their services on vacations, decorations for their homes, bodies, lawns, and cars; to purchase collectibles, antiques, souvenirs, junk foods, hobbies, entertainments, etc.; we do not use any personal money, much less donations, period, for vacations, hobbies, decorations, souvenirs, antiques, collectibles, junk foods, or entertainments or for any such like things. Rather, we strive to use all of our time and resources to help those in need. We are learning to live simply, that others may simply live.

We thank everyone for their support and genuine love for the poor. We would not have been able to provide four wells and other needs of the Tsimenes by ourselves in such a short time without the help of those who gave.


Romania 08/2018

We have been informed of a building project in Romania. A family has moved to the country to adopt orphans with medical needs. They need volunteers to help construct a home for their family and those whom they have adopted and hope to adopt. Our plane tickets, food, and lodging have already been vouched for/sponsored. We are not receiving any money for our labors so we only need to complete a few personal construction projects in Oklahoma to earn what we need to pay for our personal expenses for about one month. We may stay in Romania for 3-5 weeks. We are still thoughtfully considering how long we should stay. We are planning to leave approximately 08/20/2018.

Bolivia 10/2018

Ryan Luedeker (Treasurer) and David Valderrama (President), plan to return to Bolivia in October 2018 during dry season to check on the wells we drilled, travel to other needy villages, and to document the fence project. Our Bolivian contacts have informed us that the need for safe and clean water in Bolivia is large enough for us to drill ten wells each year for the next few years. There are other nonprofit organizations in Bolivia (especially near or in Santa Cruz) that drill wells but all the ones I emailed back and forth with have never drilled wells that far north. The area we drilled is difficult to reach. Ten wells every year could amount to possibly $17,000 each year for all expenses. We are also seeking to learn how to be more efficient and resourceful. If you have any ideas you may email

The Gambia Possibly Winter 2018

Furthermore, we are considering sending a committee to the Gambia, located in West Africa to research firsthand and to document the need for safe and clean water. We have heard reports of serious water-borne diseases and it is possible to relieve those afflicted and to prevent others from becoming afflicted by simply providing safe and clean water and potentially medicines to treat those infected. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Asia and Africa 2019

India, Nepal, and Malawi we have also been considering. There are needs there, but funds are limited.

The need is great . . . but God’s love is greater!

Water is a very basic need. Statistics state that over six hundred million people around the world lack access to safe and clean water to simply drink; that thousands die every day from lack of sanitation and water related diseases. The problem is solvable. It would be a blessing to continue helping those born into such conditions. We are willing to live simply and go. We need your help to help them. We would be glad to hear back from any who read this letter and appreciate or do not appreciate it. Your response is welcome.

If you are interested in contributing towards helping folks get safe and clean water you may visit our donate page using the following link:


If you desire to help with our cause but are unable to contribute financially, there is still a lot you can do by promoting our organization by telling friends and family, sharing our website, liking our page and posts on Facebook, or even doing your own private fundraisers!

We plan to make the documentary when we have time. We have no media director. However, David has some software he can use to create a documentary using videos, pictures, and other details of the trip when he has time.

Grace and peace be with you all.

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