Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Uganda, Africa! Our Second Well is Under Construction

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  • Already paid for by The Blessing of Water:
    Diggers $200
    Bricks $100
    Cement $100
    Sand $100
    Cover $150
    Fencing/gates $300
    Pump for de-watering and well development $500
    Hoses $100
    Total:  $1,550
 Already paid for by Marc Carrier:
Hand pump $500
Well screen $100
Total:  $600
Marc Carrier is a hydro-geologist currently living with his family in East Africa.  The children in the background are passersby looking at the borehole where the new well is to be completed. Marc posted on Facebook today, "I think they are early to get water! This is an extremely high traffic path where people fetch water directly from the lake. We are installing a borehole with a pump along the path so people can get fresh drinking water." 

This is a picture looking down into the borehole. Marc posted on Facebook, "New borehole underway and they reached water! Now pray with me we can successfully advance another ten feet under the water table without cave-in."
Lord willing, we will post a picture of the well when competed.
The last construction project
Pilgrim Way completed helped Marc Carrier to get what he was lacking to complete this well. If you live in the United States and need some kind of construction work done on your property, Pilgrim Way Construction should be able to meet your needs. Pilgrim Way consists of three workers who live off of less than $500 each month combined. This means that whatever is beyond this amount gets put to good use, such as providing clean water, needful medicines, food, etc. to those who need them. You can help support this ministry by hiring us to build your garage, complete your addition, put a new roof on your house, fix your plumbing problems, and much more. If you don't need any work done, but are interested in %100 of your money going to projects like this water well you may also send a donation.

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