Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Good news!

We got word back from Charity: Water The fundraiser we did with them in December 2016 has been applied to needs in Mozambique, Africa. Here is the update we received from them:

"What's happening now?

The projects you’re helping fund are located in the Muecate and NacarĂ´a Districts in the Nampula Province of Mozambique. More than 180,000 people live there, but only 33% of them have access to clean and safe drinking water.

These districts in Mozambique are highly impacted by the global water crisis. On a recent visit to Nampula, our team spent time in one community where women are only able to collect a small amount of water from contaminated open wells for part of the year. When the wells dry up, they walk 4 miles to a river, often enduring snake bites on the way. But thanks to your help, that’s all changing.

Our local partner, World Vision Mozambique, has already drilled over 70 new wells and constructed mechanized piped systems in four communities, bringing clean water to over 33,000 people. They’ve conducted community trainings to promote key hygiene and sanitation practices. Because of your support, these wells and piped systems are bringing hope and a brighter future to so many families.

We’re so excited to tell you that we’ll be able to send your completion report early. All of the projects have been built, and we’re currently verifying the data and collecting photos and GPS coordinates. You can expect to receive your final report by early summer."

Thanks again to all who had their hand in helping us raise the money to make this happen for the people of Mozambique!

We plan to keep the updates coming... looking forward to the pictures Charity: Water sends.

Stay tuned...

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