Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Two Projects: one with Charity: Water. Another in Kenya.

(We transferred our site material posts from another web services provider to blogger so though this post is recent, it is actually older)  Fundraiser Deadline Dec.31
Kenya projects Time really goes by fast! Thank you to all who have contributed to our Fundraiser with Charity: water.​  We have reach 67% of our $5,000 dollar goal, which is great for about 3 months time! So, now we have about 16 days to fulfill the goal. Any people out there able & willing to make that happen? ​Feel free to remind family & friends, copy & email our fundraiser link, share it at work....let's reach the goal!!! And if not, no worries....we will still make unforgettable, life changing impacts in people's life with what we have currently collected.

Here is the link:

Kenya Project:
​Report from Marc Carrier:
​"At the bottom of this steep incline is a spring. Women carry jerri cans balanced on their heads up this steep incline barefoot, even after rain when it is slick as can be. It is dangerous. Both springs are like this because they are located at the base of steep hills."----Thanks be to God and donations; Marc was able to put stairs in and make the spring a safer source of water!


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