Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Good news! We got word back from Charity: Water The fundraiser we did with them in December  2016 has been applied to needs in Mozambique, Africa. Here is the update we received from them:

"What's happening now?

"The projects you’re helping fund are located in the Muecate and NacarĂ´a Districts in the Nampula Province of Mozambique. More than 180,000 people live there, but only 33% of them have access to clean and safe drinking water.

These districts in Mozambique are highly impacted by the global water crisis. On a recent visit to Nampula, our team spent time in one community where women are only able to collect a small amount of water from contaminated open wells for part of the year. When the wells dry up, they walk 4 miles to a river, often enduring snake bites on the way. But thanks to your help, that’s all changing.

Our local partner, World Vision Mozambique, has already drilled over 70 new wells and constructed mechanized piped systems in four communities, bringing clean water to over 33,000 people. They’ve conducted community trainings to promote key hygiene and sanitation practices. Because of your support, these wells and piped systems are bringing hope and a brighter future to so many families.

We’re so excited to tell you that we’ll be able to send your completion report early. All of the projects have been built, and we’re currently verifying the data and collecting photos and GPS coordinates. You can expect to receive your final report by early summer."

Thanks again to all who had their hand in helping us raise the money to make this happen for the people of Mozambique!

We plan to keep the updates coming...looking forward to the pictures Charity: Water sends; stay tuned...

Fund Raising Motivator

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So, I got this idea after making my recent fundraiser post....we are running out of days to reach our goal...approx. 12 days left....I recently made a number of  salves to sell to raise money for the Fundraiser. I tried selling them at a flea market...it wasn't the right crowd...so I have a number of  salves left over: Hand Salve, Vapor Rub, Baby Rub. I made the salves with all natural ingredients: -Hand Salve- is made with, Coconut oil, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Essential oils of, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Organic beeswax, Sweet almond oil with vitamin E. Sounds good doesn't it?! Our friend Ryan found it relieved his excema...it is good for cuts & scrapes, relieving itchy bites, restoring dry skin....etc..
Then there's -Vapor Rub-, great for this time of year for children over 6 years old & adults. Rub on chest to ease breathing, or dry sore nose. Ingredients: Coconut oil, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic beeswax, Essential oils of, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet almond oil with vitamin E.
For those of you that have babies, or know someone who does, or maybe you just have sensitive skin this may be great for you; -Baby Rub- relieves diaper rash safe to use with cloth diapers and on babies sensitive skin. Ingredients: Coconut oil, Organic beeswax, Essential oils of, Lavender & Tea Tree, Sweet Almond Oil with vitamin E.
So, my motivating idea is this: While supplies last, everyone (that lives in the USA, sorry, this is due to shipping costs) that donates $25 will receive a free salve!!!! Simply click on the link that will take you to our fundraising page donate.charitywater.org/tsipporah-valderrama/the-blessing-of-water
Leave an email address that we can contact you with in the comments and we will send you a private email asking for the address you'd like us to send your salve. Once we email you, you may specify if you have a preference on the salve type you would like. If you prefer not to leave your email address in the comments (which are public) then you can email us privately at theblessingofwater@gmail.com letting us know your name and preference. We are asking for $25 dollars so that at least $20 can go right to the fundraising project; $5 will cover the shipping cost of the salve, of course if shipping cost is under $5 the remaining will go directly to fundraiser.
We are currently at $3,375 trying to meet the $5,000 goal in 12 days. That make us $1,625 short of our goal. Remember this money is funding necessary needs relating to clean safe drinking water...Charity: water will choose to put our donations to a well/wells, or possibly a latrine..which are both life saving...many death causing diseases are spread by unsanitary conditions. I hope my idea will motivate some of you. Let's do the math...if 81 people donate $20-25 dollars we should reach the goal!!!That's not too many people. So , please post this to Facebook or send to family & friends, co-workers...etc. Can we together get 81 people to donate $20 within 12 days?...We'll see..... And remember to those who make $25 donation we will be sending out a Blessing of salve while supplies last!

Two Projects: one with Charity: Water. Another in Kenya.

(We transferred our site material posts from another web services provider to blogger so though this post is recent, it is actually older)  Fundraiser Deadline Dec.31
Kenya projects Time really goes by fast! Thank you to all who have contributed to our Fundraiser with Charity: water.​  We have reach 67% of our $5,000 dollar goal, which is great for about 3 months time! So, now we have about 16 days to fulfill the goal. Any people out there able & willing to make that happen? ​Feel free to remind family & friends, copy & email our fundraiser link, share it at work....let's reach the goal!!! And if not, no worries....we will still make unforgettable, life changing impacts in people's life with what we have currently collected.

Here is the link:

Kenya Project:
​Report from Marc Carrier:
​"At the bottom of this steep incline is a spring. Women carry jerri cans balanced on their heads up this steep incline barefoot, even after rain when it is slick as can be. It is dangerous. Both springs are like this because they are located at the base of steep hills."----Thanks be to God and donations; Marc was able to put stairs in and make the spring a safer source of water!


Uganda, Africa! Our Second Well is Under Construction

(We transferred our site material posts from another web services provider to blogger so though this post is recent, it is actually older)


  • Already paid for by The Blessing of Water:
    Diggers $200
    Bricks $100
    Cement $100
    Sand $100
    Cover $150
    Fencing/gates $300
    Pump for de-watering and well development $500
    Hoses $100
    Total:  $1,550
 Already paid for by Marc Carrier:
Hand pump $500
Well screen $100
Total:  $600
Marc Carrier is a hydro-geologist currently living with his family in East Africa.  The children in the background are passersby looking at the borehole where the new well is to be completed. Marc posted on Facebook today, "I think they are early to get water! This is an extremely high traffic path where people fetch water directly from the lake. We are installing a borehole with a pump along the path so people can get fresh drinking water." 

This is a picture looking down into the borehole. Marc posted on Facebook, "New borehole underway and they reached water! Now pray with me we can successfully advance another ten feet under the water table without cave-in."
Lord willing, we will post a picture of the well when competed.
The last construction project
Pilgrim Way completed helped Marc Carrier to get what he was lacking to complete this well. If you live in the United States and need some kind of construction work done on your property, Pilgrim Way Construction should be able to meet your needs. Pilgrim Way consists of three workers who live off of less than $500 each month combined. This means that whatever is beyond this amount gets put to good use, such as providing clean water, needful medicines, food, etc. to those who need them. You can help support this ministry by hiring us to build your garage, complete your addition, put a new roof on your house, fix your plumbing problems, and much more. If you don't need any work done, but are interested in %100 of your money going to projects like this water well you may also send a donation.

"The Weightier Matters"

We had a heavy burden to create this video. If you watch the entire video you will understand its title "The Weightier Matters" ...