Tuesday, July 11, 2017

  This is a special post dedicated to Antoinette Yeboah who recently messaged us....
Please fill out a contact form that you will see to the right side of this post as you scroll down.....we were unable to get your contact information and would be happy to know more about what you messaged us on and converse with you.

And to all who keep up with us....we have re-directed our blessingofwater.org to this blogsite and hope to rebuild our site on blogger.

We are currently busy working on a construction job we were hired to do....although, we are currently occupied with this job, we are being inspired by thoughts of possible upcoming projects we can do to help relieve those in need....

.... So, please know, we are still here working and looking forward to upcoming projects. ...we are also open to hear from our readers if you know of any needs that you would like us to help with...feel free to email us.

Harmless Humor from our Travels Near and Abroad

Below is a short video containing clips and photos which we hope will touch you with laughter, sweetness and compassion.