Friday, June 2, 2017

Good News in Mozambique!

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The good news is concerning our fundraiser from December 2016 with Charity: water...the $5,180 that was raised is now going to work to help those in need in Mozambique.

Why Mozambique?

According to Charity Water:

"Mozambique underwent a civil war that led to extreme poverty and severely unhealthy living conditions. In addition, floods and earthquakes exacerbate the growing water crisis. With the 22nd highest child mortality rate in the world, every year 82,000 children in Mozambique don't make it to the age of five. Recently, Mozambique has made incredible strides toward development, and providing access to clean water is a major priority."

When the water projects are complete Charity Water plans to send us GPS coordinates, photos, and other details about each community that was impacted in Mozambique through everyone pulling together to donate & make the necessary changes. This will take time, so hold tight. We are also looking forward to seeing the completed projects. Meanwhile, it is good to know the work has begun!

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