Tuesday, July 11, 2017

  This is a special post dedicated to Antoinette Yeboah who recently messaged us....
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And to all who keep up with us....we have re-directed our blessingofwater.org to this blogsite and hope to rebuild our site on blogger.

We are currently busy working on a construction job we were hired to do....although, we are currently occupied with this job, we are being inspired by thoughts of possible upcoming projects we can do to help relieve those in need....

.... So, please know, we are still here working and looking forward to upcoming projects. ...we are also open to hear from our readers if you know of any needs that you would like us to help with...feel free to email us.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Good News in Mozambique!

(We transferred our site material posts from another web services provider to blogger so though this post is recent, it is actually older)

The good news is concerning our fundraiser from December 2016 with Charity: water...the $5,180 that was raised is now going to work to help those in need in Mozambique.

Why Mozambique?
According to Charity: water:
"Mozambique underwent a civil war that led to extreme poverty and severely unhealthy living conditions. In addition, floods and earthquakes exacerbate the growing water crisis. With the 22nd highest child mortality rate in the world, every year 82,000 children in Mozambique don't make it to the age of five. 
Recently, Mozambique has made incredible strides toward development, and providing access to clean water is a major priority."
When the water projects are complete Charity: water plans to send us GPS coordinates, photos, and other details about each community that was  impacted in Mozambique through everyone pulling together to donate & make the nessecary changes. This will take time, so hold tight. We are also looking forward to seeing the completed projects. Meanwhile, it is good to know the work has begun!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Recent water works

January - March 2017

Marc Carrier (the hydro-geoligist) in Kenya & Uganda has still been connecting us with water needs. We were recently able to send him some funds to help with these projects:

A well for a school in Mwanainchi center. An elementary school of about 300 students in a rural village in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya.

The Blessing of Water  helped fund a Borehole in Matunda, also a community in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. This Borehole was dug 60 feet deep! The initial project cost was $1850 funded by another humanitarian organization. This will be a very high traffic well serving over a hundred households. The Blessing of Water was able to provide the excess funds that were needed to complete the project.

The Blessing of Water also sent funds to repair one of the Springs in Kenya, Africa. The water needed to be diverted to one pipe as you see in the picture. Now many are enjoying fresh clean water again.

The Blessing of Water Team has been blessed to help with these projects & is looking forward to future projects. Since our last post The Blessing of Water has continued to increase in Team members...together we hope to continue to raise awareness to the REAL NEEDS in this world, and how they can be met by people simply choosing, to LIVE SIMPLY.

For more info about living simply see our other blog by clicking here> Live simply

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2016 Re-Cap

We are  grateful for all the donations made throughout the year. Here is a re-cap of what was accomplished in 2016:

As you read through this, take note on how little it takes to make a huge difference in people's lives. Consider all the things you could change in your life to love your neighbor (people) as yourself; for example: Eating out, how much does that cost,  a round of golf, how much does that cost, weekly purchases of coffee from the coffee shop, or the desserts you buy ???...all kinds of things we treat ourselves to and have no "need" for, while others are in need of daily bread, water, medicine....
To learn more on simple living, so others can simply live, follow this link to our other blog Live Simply

1. 3/18/2016 Patrick 6 years old from Siaya, Kenya was given the $350 he need for a possibly life saving surgery.

2. 5/3/2016   Irene and Pauline suffering from Sickle cell anemia had their medical needs met & continue to be met. Costing about $60 a month per child. TBOW pays a portion of this because other kind donors are also helping.

3. March 2016 "We are happy to announce the success of our first contribution that has enabled people the access to clean water in Kenya, Africa." Providing water for dozens of families for just over $2,000

4. 9/9/ 2016 Uganda, Africa! Our Second Well is Completed!

5. Lazarus in Africa received $200 to care for 9 children that were in need.

6. 12/15/2016 Kenya Project stairs made for safe water drawing & spring made secure from contamination.

7. 12/2016 Salve "motivator" was posted and successful; The Charity:water fundraising campaign we did was closed on
December 31, 2016 and $5,180 is being sent to the field.
We were also able to reach out to many right here in America in need...you know those down & out people we see from day to day...One man had been on the streets over a course of months I believe: he had been waiting for someone to help. He was so thankful we helped that he raised his hands & thanked God!

This may not seem like a whole lot for a whole year...but remember we were just 3 people with a burden to live simply, that others may simply live.
We are blessed to see our efforts prosper and that others are contributing to the cause.
We look forward to to see what combined efforts will help us accomplish in 2017....stay tuned...

"The Weightier Matters"

We had a heavy burden to create this video. If you watch the entire video you will understand its title "The Weightier Matters" ...